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Posted by on Apr 17, 2013 | 1 comment

Lucky Duck Syrah

I literally bought this wine because it was $3.99 at Walmart and I had never really tried a Syrah, so I thought it would be a low cost investment. Now, arguably, when trying a new type of varietal wine buying the cheapest one you can find in that genre is probably a surefire way to guarentee a bad experience. In this rare instance, my illogical impulse buy paid off.

This wine was a pleasant surprise! At first pour, I was not super impressed. It was just too strong for my liking – and not really in that “good red wine” strong way. Just overpowering. However, a day later I came back to it and was surprised at how much a day to hang out and breathe made a difference. On the day two pour, it was more jammy and spicy and a whole lot more drinkable. By the third day, I was downright happy with this wine.

I’m still giggling at my aunt’s response to my review when I told her about it – “you kept a bottle of wine around for three days?!?” I know. I was surprised too. Anyways, this may not a bottle you keep on hand for impressing guests, but if you’ll give it a day or two to breathe, it’s certainly a good wine for the money.

(PS, pay no attention to the giant hole in our wall with insulation coming out. I just realized I took this picture in the midst of some remodeling we were doing. I’m pretty sure my husband will die when he realizes I allowed ya’ll to glimpse his TV-barren wall.)

Tasting Notes:

Wine Name: Lucky Duck Syrah

Grape: Syrah

Origin: Australia

Price: $3.99 at Walmart

General impression: not great on the first day, but gets better with some time to breathe, a little spicy

Recommendations: a cheap wine to have on hand, not a wine I’d buy to give to someone, could be an “end of the night” party wine if you opened it up to breathe first

Would I buy again? Not sure. There’s so many wines I love right out of the bottle, I’m not sure I’d get this one again.. but it’s a decent wine at that price so I wouldn’t totally dismiss it.

1 Comment

  1. I also like the wine. Wal-Mart in murphy nc states they will not be carring it.. What a BUMMER

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