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Posted by on May 7, 2013 | 3 comments

Lost Vineyards Malbec

Why is there a can of fresca in this picture?

Because that is the only way I could make this wine tolerable.

This is one of those cases where you get what you pay for. This wine was on sale for $3.99 at Teeter. I love other Argentinian Malbecs so I thought I’d try it.

Right off the bat my nose warned me I would not be happy. The smell reminded me of the coat closet in my grandparent’s house. The grandparents that smoked. Now I know, “cigar box” can describe some very rich reds… but this is not one of them.

I found it bitter and very dense. In all fairness, I don’t favor “dirty reds” so there may be someone out there who does who would love this. My husband prefers a red with more bite than me and he liked it better than I did. (I asked him to review it for me. He said “’s good, I guess.”)

So if you like a pungent red, it might be worth the $4 to find out. It’s not a wine I’ll be buying again – but I will finish this bottle off with a little fresca. Actually come to think of it – great sangria wine.

Tasting Notes:

Wine Name: Lost Vineyards Malbec

Grape: Red, Malbec

Origin: Argentina

Price: $3.99 at Harris Teeter

General impression: pungent, dirty, heavy

Recommendations: a red for people who like dirty reds, pair with Italian, make sangria

Would you buy again? No



  1. Hi Meg,
    It sounds like your bottle was compromised at some point as the normal flavors are bright berries. Plus, we do not use oak barrels, so it is lighter than oak-aged Malbecs and shouldn’t be smoky. I would be happy to send you a replacement bottle.
    We make 20 different wines from 4 countries. Based on your comments, I think you would enjoy our Shiraz/Cab. It, and the Malbec, have won some nice accolades. Do you accept samples for review?

    • Hi John, Thanks for reaching out to me! I would be happy to try again with another bottle or try a different variety grape to see. I always try to make sure my readers know that my taste preferences lie towards the jammy, more fruit forward reds so that if a wine doesn’t appeal to me, they at least know what my palate is. (And I have another reviewer who does tend to like the smoky, heavier reds and cover those.) But it sounds like from what you have said, the Malbec should not have been a smoky / heavy red. I’d be curious to try again… as long as you know I will be sharing my honest review with my readers, however it may go! I really, truly appreciate that you are a company that reaches out to your customers though, to make sure they are happy. Look forward to giving Old Vineyards another try.

      • Thanks for the second chance, Meg. I do hope you are honest in your second review. I assume your readers have similar palates, so if you don’t like it, I don’t want to dissapoint them, too! I am proud of our fun little vinos and it sounds like that bottle got hot at some point.
        Either way, I am confident you will like our jammy Shiraz/Cab. Thanks for the second chance!

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