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Posted by on May 23, 2013 | 0 comments

Rex Goliath Merlot

I was enticed to try this wine after a comment made by Kristen on my RG Zinfandel post that their Merlot had almost an effervescent quality to it. It wasn’t her favorite of the RG’s but the idea of a pseudo sparkle in a red intrigued me enough to buy it. It was again on sale for $4.99, so I figured I didn’t have much to lose!

My first impression was an almost peppery taste, and a pretty definite bite to it on the finish. However, it didn’t have that big, heavy mouthfeel that I usually look for in a sharp red to be balanced out. I didn’t love it just to sip on, but I corked it and figured I’d give it another go the following night with the lasagna I was planning on having. (As it turns out, when you’re eating popcorn for dinner, it’s not really a fair way to make a “pairing” assessment.)

I definitely liked it more with the lasagna the next day – it took the edge off the finish but it was a nice light accompaniment to some heavy comfort food. On the second try, I noticed more of the berry flavors and it kind of evened out a bit. Pairing it with the food took me from “eh, it’s okay” to quickly polishing off two glasses. So there’s that.

I have to say, I’m not typically a Merlot drinker so I’d be curious to see what someone who usually drinks Merlot thought of it. Since it seems to go on sale so often, it’d be a pretty worthwhile gamble. (Calling all Merlot drinkers… leave me your thoughts if you’ve tried it!) My final conclusion: I didn’t adore it, I didn’t dislike it, but I probably wouldn’t buy it again just because I know how much more I liked the Zin! It’s probably a safe bet for regular Merlot drinkers, although it seemed like it needed to be paired with some food to be balanced out.


Tasting Notes:

Wine Name: HRM Rex-Goliath Free Range Giant 47 Pound Rooster California Merlot

Grape: Red, Merlot

Origin: California

Price: Sale price $4.99 at Harris Teeter, $8.99

General impression: peppery, lots of bite, light mouth feel

Recommendation: Probably a safe bet for regular Merlot drinkers, better served with a meal than sipped alone

Would you buy again? Probably not – I’m sticking with my Zin!

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