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Posted by on May 24, 2013 | 4 comments

Ruffino Orvieto Classico

My friend Anne brought this bottle of wine over to my house. Anne is a bit of an Italophile so she always brings Italian wines. She also claims that she pick out Italian wines by taste and as soon as she is no longer pregnant, you better believe I am putting this claim to the test.

Whether or not she really can distinguish an Italian wine by taste, Anne sure can pick out a bottle of wine. I’ve never been disappointed by a bottle of wine she’s brought me. (Pressure’s on, girlfriend.)

This was no exception! It was such a delicious white. It was crisp, easy to drink, and a bit fruity yet not particularly sweet. It was even better when paired with the bruschetta and chicken piccata that Anne made us for dinner. (Everyone needs to get themselves an Anne.) The perfect white wine to serve with a light Italian meal or to bring as a hostess gift. I’m keeping this one in our regular rotation.

Tasting Notes:

Wine Name: Ruffino Orvieto Classico

Grape: I had to look this up – 40%Grechetto, 20%Procanico (sub-variety of Trebbiano), with the remaining 40% comprised of Verdello and Canaiolo Bianco

Origin: Italy

Price: Free when your best friend brings it as a gift. (Looking online, it looks like it averages around $9.99)

General impression: well balanced – fruity without being sweet, crisp, easy to drink

Recommendations: pair with light Italian, hostess gift, an easy drinking white most crowds would like

Would I buy it again? Yes!


  1. Orvieto! Yum… One of my fav whites. Good pick Megs (or Anne;))

    • Anne gets all the credit! But we’ll have to have a bottle ready for when you get here in July!

  2. I spent a great chunk of my youth (college years) traveling for the distributor and representing my family name on wine tours. I love it…my family is no longer associated with the winery but the loving formulas of the blends are true Ruffino.

    Never had a Ruffino I didn’t like 🙂


    • Thanks for stopping by, Paul! Any other favorite Ruffinos you would recommend?

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