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Posted by on Sep 18, 2013 | 2 comments

Cline Cashmere (2011)

I’m calling this my book club red.

It’s smooth, easy to drink and has just the tiniest bite on the finish. There’s a little bit of a hint of blackberry and plum to it, and chocolate at the end.. yes, chocolate. It’d be perfect with a little appetizer platter and some good girl talk. It’d also stand up great to a good fall meal, like a pot roast or a salmon fillet. It’s a blend of a Syrah, Grenache and Mourvedre grapes. I feel like it’s one of those reds that would unite both the dry-palates and those who are a little more tentative of reds.

Cline makes one of my all-time favorite wines, the Cline Zinfandel, and we were fortunate enough to pay a visit to their vineyard and tasting room a few years ago when we went to Sonoma. (Sadly, despite my surname, I have no relation to the Cline wine making family. Too bad for me.) I’ve never been disappointed by a Cline wine and this Cashmere was no exception!



Tasting Notes:

Wine Name: Cline Cashmere Red

Grape: Mourvedre, Grenache, Syrah

Origin: California

Price: $12.99 (Purchased at Century Wines in Pittsford, NY)

General impression: smooth, easy to drink, blackberry, plum, chocolate

Recommendations: a book club red, a red to share, a red for “newer” red drinkers, pair with salmon, pair with appetizers

Would you buy again? Probably – I think I’m still partial to the Cline Old Vine Zinfandel over this but I definitely liked it! (I think maybe we should return to the Cline vineyards for me to make an official decision… what do you say?)


  1. My mom used to drink Cline all the time until she stopped drinking wine. I think I need to give them a try!

    • You do! You could even go visit them, lucky you. Their (Old Vine) Zinfandel is one of my all-time favorites.

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