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Posted by on Nov 13, 2013 | 0 comments

Tangent Sauvignon Blanc

Here’s a hint about how we felt about this wine: we had already finished our first glass when I jumped up and said “I haven’t taken a picture of this yet!”

Right off the bat, I noticed a little zip to it – almost an effervescence. It had a little bit of a lemon or grapefruit zest to it, and maybe even a little bit of a grassy note. (Which sounds weird, but I love that in a SB.) Not really a strong floral perfume to it like some Sauvs, and not a particularly sweet one either. We sipped it before dinner with a medley of cheeses, and the bottle disappeared quickly between the two of us. Definitely going to be on my repeat list.

Tasting Notes:

Name: Tangent Sauvignon Blanc

Grape: Sauvignon Blanc

Origin: California, Central Coast

Price: On sale at World Market for $10.99, usually $13.99

General impressions: Crisp, grapefruit zest, a little effervescence, herbaceous, easy to drink, easy to drink on it’s own

Recommendations: pair with appetizers, pair with seafood (clams or oysters especially, the minerality of them would pair great with the lemon zest), great SB under $15, hostess wine

Would you buy again? Definitely!

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