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Posted by on Dec 13, 2013 | 17 comments

Trader Joe’s Secco (Cranberry)

I know I said I was going to review some holiday white wines, but I have to put that on pause for a moment to discuss this lovely little number: Trader Joe’s Secco, a carbonated wine with cranberries. Hello, holiday spirit! This is it, in liquid form.

My sweet friend Jamie hosted us for a little Christmas lunch this morning and offered up this concoction. It was delightfully fizzy and just the tiniest hint of cranberries – not even as much sweetness as a Poinsettia would have. (For those of you not familiar, the mimosa’s holiday cousin: cranberry juice and champagne.) It was a nice light accompaniment to a lemon-basil orzo that Jamie made, but could also make a great pre-dinner sipper for a holiday party. I have a feeling this is a seasonal product from Trader Joe’s, so I believe I’m going to go make myself a little stock pile of this – you never know if you’ll feel like celebrating Christmas in July.*

(*There’s no way I would hold off until July to drink this if i was in my house.)

Tasting Notes:

Wine Name: Secco (Carbonated wine with cranberries)

Grape: the bottle doesn’t say – probably a blend.

Origin: Produced in Germany

Price: $3.99 at Trader Joe’s

General impressions: fizzy, slight hint of cranberries but not overtly sweet, easy to drink

Recommendations: A fun wine to serve at a holiday party (or lunch!)

Would I buy again? Heck yea!


    • Great sparkling wine…

      From Hans…Made in Germany

      • I buy enough for year round. Delicious!

        • I JUST discovered this wine LAST Christmas … Now it’s not at Trader Joe’s in Charlottesville, VA and my daughter said an employee looked it up on computer and said it’s been discontinued!!! Is anyone still finding it THIS Christmas?? (2022) I LOVED it!!!

  1. We had this wine last Christmas when a guest brought a bottle. Best light wine I’ve had in ages! When is it available and can it be ordered/delivered, or first come ,first served? Please let me know. Thx!

    • Pat, I noticed it in stores already here (NC) a few weeks ago so check your stores!

  2. Traders Joe’s in Orlando had it today. I bought 4 bottles. Going back for more. They didn’t get last year. I was sad.

  3. I feel in love with this wine last year over the holidays. It appeals to everyone whether they prefer white or red wine. This year i’m unable to find it…. can anybody help me find it. I’ve checked with Trader Joes in Hillsboro and they still have not received it and cannot see when or if they will – does anyone else carry it??? or how can i contact the company

    • They said they discontinued it. We found it last year and everyone loved it

  4. This was absolutely delicious! I was just disappointed when I went back for more that it had been wiped off the shelf! I sure hope that it will return next year! (if not before!)

  5. I love this but can I get it in Canada and if so , where.?

  6. Wonderful post now to stock up for all my holiday parties.

  7. Sparkling Christmas Tyme. Made a great cocktail with this wine. Ice, 6 oz Cran Secco, 1/3 oz. of St. Germaine Elder flower liqueur. Granish with a few cranberries and a sprig of thyme. Was the hit of the party.

  8. Love at first taste!!! FABULOUS!!! Can’t wait to purchase my next SECCO!!

  9. Is there s easy that one can order a case of this Cranberry wine?

  10. How can I order Trader Joe’s cranberry seccos wine

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