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Posted by on Apr 11, 2014 | 2 comments

Crosé and Espiral Vino Rosé

Crose, crose, how do I love thee? Let me count the glasses….

First of all, this is a completely rude post of me to write because I’m not sure the first wine I’ll review is available anywhere outside the vineyard that it’s sold in, unless you order it and get it shipped. (Jess, correct me if I’m wrong?)

BUT… if you can’t get Crose, maybe it will at least spark you to try rosé wines – and I’ve got a great starter rosé that I will recommend at the end of this post.

Let’s be honest, pink wine has a bad rap, right? You see someone order a pink wine in a bar and you immediately start judging that person. I get it. Pink wine was one of the first wines I ever drank – we sold Beringer White Zinfandel for $5 a glass on the boat I worked on in high school and in college, when I discovered it was only $4/bottle I was appalled. Then delighted! I could afford wine!

But rosé should not be overlooked. I know pink wine can look a little, well, fruity but all it is is wine that has had some contact with the grape skins but not so long to be a red wine. (Some people assume that rosé wines are a blend of red and white wines but that is not usually the case.)

That means, just like red and white wine, you can have everything from sweet, fruity rosés to fine, delicate, well-balanced rosés. There’s no way to describe “all” types of rosé wines, because just like red and white, it depends on the grape, the climate and the winemaker’s method. Just wanted to give this overlooked wine a shout and encourage you to experiment with an overlooked segment of the wine aisle.

And, if you happen to be in the Charlottesville, VA area, stop by King’s Family Vineyards and try their Crosé. It’s one of my favorite wines, especially when spring or fall air borders on the edge of crisp. (The name is a fun play on words too, as KFV is actually located in Crozet, VA).

This rosé comes from Merlot grapes (see? no sweetness to be found here!) and has a crisp, fresh zip to it. I don’t know if it’s the color but I immediately think of tart grapefruits when I recall it, but it’s well-balanced out. It’s not too tart, not too sweet.  It’d pair perfect with a picnic lunch (as we did) or an appetizer with a little bit of a salt – maybe a plate of olives and cheeses, or a goat-cheese based dip. It’d also go nicely with a light fish dish if you wanted to serve it for dinner.

I’m going to need make another road trip now.

Since I (sadly) won’t be headed to Charlottesville anytime soon, I’ve been scratching the rosé itch with this one from Trader Joe’s: Espiral Vino Rosé. It’s a little bit tart but mellows out to a semi-sweet. (It is sweeter than the Crose.) There’s a fizz when you first pour it, but that quickly dissipates. There’s notes of melon, strawberries and citrus but it’s not an over the top fruity wine. It’s been my new go to with the warmer weather.  I can’t get enough – and lucky for me, it’s only $4.99.


Tasting Notes:

Wine Name: King Family Vineyards Crosé

Grape: Merlot

Origin: Crozet, VA

Price: $18.95 at the vineyard (Also avaialble on their website, will
ship to certain locations)

General impressions: fresh, crisp, tart, grapefruit, semi-dry

Recommendations: picnic wine, pair with appetizers, pair with seafood,
drink alone

Would you buy again? I think I’m going to need to buy a case next time I’m up there. Writing this post made me yearn for another bottle!

espiral rose


Tasting Notes, Round 2:

Wine Name: Espiral Vino Rose

Grape: I’m not sure and I didn’t save the bottle. I’ll update this when I buy my next bottle.

Origin: Portugal

Price: $4.99 (whaaat!)

General impressions: a little bit of sparkle, slightly tart, semi-sweet but not over the top, notes of melon, strawberry, citrus

Recommendations: a sit on the porch sipper, pair with appetizers, pair with seafood, picnic wine

Would you buy again? Again and again and again.

winos at kfv

Picnic and Polo Watching at King Family Vineyard in Crozet, VA – September 2013


  1. I LOVE rose! I think people judge me all the time, but usually I enjoy rose’s that aren’t sweet. Thumbprint in Healdsburg, Fieldstone & Alexander Valley all have great roses. The Crose sounds like one I’d love!

    • I’ve seen you post that thumbprint wine before – maybe a PN? I need another CA trip to try all your faves!


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