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About The Grocery Store Wino

I love wine.

I often drink wine.

But despite how much I love wine (a lot) and how often I drink wine (a lot), I don’t actually know a whole lot about wine.

When I go to the grocery store to pick out my wine, I often base my choice on how cute the label is or whether it’s on sale or if I’ve had it before. And to tell you the truth, this method has worked out pretty well for me over the years.  But I realized recently that I really wanted to learn more about wine. I’ll always be a sucker for a smart sassy label, but I also want to learn how to pick out a great red to go with a steak or the perfect bubbly to take to celebrate an friend’s good news or a crisp wine to drink on a Tuesday night while I watch Glee and eat popcorn for dinner.

I love writing and so a blog seemed like a natural way to organize my thoughts as I try a number of different wines and keep track of my tasting notes. As I mentioned the idea to friends, I had a number of people selflessly volunteer their efforts as taste testers or guest bloggers.

Thus, the Grocery Store Wino was born. A blog devoted to helping the average wine drinker pick out the perfect Pinot Noir to pair with a sharp cheddar cheese… or a bowl of cheez-it. For helping you decide which Prosecco to take to a wedding shower… or in the shower. So sit back, pull up a chair and start reading.

And don’t forget to pour yourself a glass of wine.

And a special cheers to…

Katie Lobkovich for the graphic design, blog set up and lots of hand holding. If you are looking for graphic design work – logos, blog work, etc – chat with Katie. She’s lovely.

Bonnie McCurry for the art work. She turned my jumbled words and turned them into my “wino girl” and made it all look effortless. She also inspired me to buy some leopard print flats.